The ‘About Me’ Dilemma

Greeting the big blog world, here I begin my blogging journey with elan! To write or not and if at all write, then what to write? I am not a social butterfly, neither an online influencer, not an established writer and have absolutely no Bollywood connections here! Who am I then? This question got me…

Did I Make a Wish?

Of Wishes, Of Science, Of Belief, Of Logic…Her Rainbow Story Lives it all!

…And, how we made it a ‘Virtual Talent Show’!

Oh no! Is lockdown over? I still have to post my Zumba moves, tag friends for posting pics, my cleaning tasks, screenshots of Zoom call !!!!

From being a ‘social animal’ to ‘social distancing’: A tryst!

Were we all genuinely happy seeing each other before social distancing came in to our lives?

The survival song!

Through the dark and deserted, singing the survival song, there it goes- Standing tall, I behold it all!

Harboring an economy of Deeds: A quarantined thought!

Sitting in self-isolation, looking at the faded sky and the abandoned streets, the quarantined mind wanders, whether we deserve this or even worse? Lives lost, lives suffering and lives in threat and what not. Though we are locked up in our gigs, the concept of ‘Social Distancing’ has revived the forgotten religion called ‘ Humanity…

Cheers to LIVING!

Withered by the winds, yet withstanding the weather, Standing in the dark, yet glorifying the path, The lone survivor cheers its LIVING! Tested by the times, yet striving to flourish, Enduring the silence, yet rooting for the spring, The lone survivor cheers its LIVING!


They often judge you by your answer about that glass, whether it’s half full or half empty. If you say ‘half full’, you are awarded a badge of an ‘optimist!If you say ‘half empty’, you are labeled with a perception of ‘pessimist’! But what if, its ‘dark’ night and you are asked the same question?…

Surviving Sciatica, the Shakira way!

Like life, Sciatica happens too. And, when Sciatica happens, the happening life stops! While being high on life and grooving on Shakira’s, ‘Hips don’t lie’, it took one sexy move to turn my whole world upside down. All I could gather from that wonderful evening was shooting pain and a slo-mo version of Shakira singing,…

Paradise of a fool!

Scared of the wise and the nice, the fool embarks on a journey to seek paradise. Far from the land of well versed, will there be a heaven of her own?