From being a ‘social animal’ to ‘social distancing’: A tryst!

Gradually, the dictionary meaning of ‘distancing’ is fading away from my mind. The new definition? Well, not one, but many. Call it ‘cleansing’ or ‘prioritizing’, ‘limiting’ or even ‘eliminating’, new meanings are stocking up each passing day. All thanks to #socialdistancing!

They used to say, ‘man is a social animal’. In today’s scenario, how much do you think is true? Nowadays, we are considered a threat to each other. The more we try to meet, the more we are at risk of transmitting the Virus! But hey, why blame the virus alone? Were we all genuinely happy seeing each other (every day) before?

Currently undergoing catharsis, I confess that I try to run away from the reflection of rational, radical, logical and analytical approaches when I jot down the voice of my heart! Yet, I tried to accumulate a few pointers read transformations, that #socialdistancing has blessed me with… 

1. Sieving Sense: Those who love you, will always find ways to stay in touch. And, social distancing has proved this theorem. I mean A=B=C=A! That’s some math (proud of myself). Practicing social distancing has now taught me the value of quality in life. I no more feel obliged to entertain one and all. Those who matter, I make sure to be in touch and for others (who by now, don’t matter), #socialdistancing works!

2. Lonesome, No more: Surely, for an introvert like me, numbers (whether of friends or relatives) have always been on the lower side of the graph. At times, I even felt paranoid about staying alone for the rest of my life. To avoid this, I had to compromise on many levels with the sole motive of accommodating more people in my circle. #socialdistancing has calmed my panicking nerve. I am realizing that ‘I am’ my greatest admirer and best friend. I can stay alone very well. Cheers to me!

3. The policy of appeasement: A strict no-no! We all might be complaining of not meeting or being with people or hypothetically called; friends, colleagues, well-wishers. But aren’t you glad? Working from home, not having to sit beside that irritating colleague. Not going to parties, no fear of getting your fashion sense judged/trolled. No more group hangouts, you no longer get mocked upon. No more bitching sessions, no more diplomacy, no more figuring out excuses/reasons to avoid events/parties, and finally, no more policy of appeasement. Thanks to #socialdistancing!

4. Reboot Life 2.0: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or whatever handle you have, revisit the friend list and humbly delete those with whom your wavelength doesn’t match (even if it means deleting ME!). Don’t wait and make that ever-postponed call to your loved ones. Care for those who care for you.

So, when this storm of COVID-19 is over, like the clear blue sky, we only hug those who have a clear heart! Bring quality in life, follow #socialdistancing!

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