…And, how we made it a ‘Virtual Talent Show’!

DIY Beauty/Makeover YouTube Video- Check
Insta Story of Hubby Cooking, Painting, Culinary excellence – Check
Facebook Feed ‘Challenge and tag 12 friends for Song, Dress, Dance, and any activity available in the world’ – Check
WhatsApp chat with ‘any group and every group’ updated- Check
Lockdown Status- OVER, OVER, OVER…

What! really! Oh no!
And, that’s how I woke up from my scary slumber. Lock-down can’t just be over. I still have to post my Zumba moves, my ‘some’ journey, my errands and errors, my cleaning tasks, screenshots of Zoom call with my (yes let’s say it) Friends! So much to do yet so less time.

As I was jotting down my list of ‘to-do’ things, my Mini-Me, came over and cuddled me. Tensed already with a long ‘to-do’ list to do, I somehow smiled back and got engrossed with my list again. To my utter surprise, she slowly slid a card and stood back. I was quite amazed. It was a Happy Mother’s Day card, saying why and how much she loves me!

Me: O my God!

Mini-Me: Mum, I Love you!

Me: I love you too, my sweetheart!

(As I hugged her, suddenly something clicked. I started checking my handles for a post. Oh no, I don’t have any posts with Mini-Me yet! How could I do this?)

Me: Darling, come here and keep your card like this, Hurry up. Fast, fast… (as I was trying to click her with the card)

Mini-Me: Mumma, what happened? (in a very excited tone) What game are we playing? With whom are we competing?

Her shiny bright eyes were looking for an answer and there I was, struggling to find one!

P.S. We- the humans, have a longing for appreciation (and, rightfully so!) and are blessed with a talent of turning everything into a competition (even our survival in these COVID times!) 

Though, sharing our joy, fun, creativity, and keeping the spirit of LIFE up by sharing LIFE ‘virtually’ with our loved ones keep us motivated, how great it would be to not turn this into a ‘Virtual Talent Hunt’! 

WE, yes, we all are talented, and our real talent lies in ‘Surviving COVID’ together, peacefully, lawfully, saluting our saviors, loving and supporting our fellow humans – and all this while maintaining Social Distancing!

By the way, I too posted my Mother’s Day story, just to share my joy!

Keep sharing/posting your Spirit too and Stay Safe!

(Inspired from a friend’s tale of coping up with social media pressure)

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