The ‘About Me’ Dilemma

Greeting the big blog world, here I begin my blogging journey with elan! To write or not and if at all write, then what to write? I am not a social butterfly, neither an online influencer, not an established writer and have absolutely no Bollywood connections here! Who am I then? This question got me stuck while entertaining the ‘About Me’ section here. As if creating this portal wasn’t giving my now balanced hormones a jolt, I took the words ‘About Me’ quite seriously and went on for a solo trip of MYSELF!

Who Am I?

Before you start pondering about ‘why would anyone want to know ME’, I made some smart pointers (so proud, I made it till here).

  1. A content (not literally but professionally!) person with a never-so-good-enough experience, who would always climb the Google Analytics way to assure that she is good without paying heed to her heart. For whom being judged is a guilty pleasure by now and to judge is vengeance. She is just another robot in the big logical world.
  2. A woman in thirties (early thirties to be precise) who keeps a count of her gray hair strands. Her hormonal imbalance fetched wrath of the titans and most importantly, who is scared of her Online In-laws, lovingly – the trolls!
  3. A mother to a 5 year old who almost forgot that there is a world that too exists beyond her little one. With her agony aunts at their know-it-all-best about any child, mummy websites doing their best to add to her guilt level of not being the best and to top it all, upon whom the onus of raising a perfect kid lies completely.
  4. A girl (hold that raised brow now that you know my age!) whose world revolved around Mills&Boon. She held her breath for her Knight in shining armor to be there one day until she got married and started dealing with electricity, water, DTH bills and wondering ‘what to cook tonight’!
  5. A survivor who braved a phase of depression and is gradually learning to smile for herself first to spread happiness in her family. She likes getting drenched in the rains with her little one without the fear of catching cold. She no more wears tummy tucker to show off her curves and is getting naughty at thirty with her guy (husband is bit heavy duty).

And, one fine night while I was still contemplating about ME, with a thunder storm of wit and wisdom, my scattered words started taking shape as MISS NOVICE! A fine blend of imperfections and a beginner till eternity keeping the fire of learning ignited, there you read the MEMOIRS OF MISS NOVICE, adding a dash of pun on a slice of life!

Happy Reading!

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