Thank You Ex: Happy Valentine’s Day!

​How I wish, I get a chance to meet the wonderful EX of my GUY and say -Thanks! Before the troll police plans to slam me or I receive a grin from you, I would tell you why and how this noble thought cropped in!

DISCLAIMER: This piece has no intention to spoil the day of LOVE for you (and of course for me)!

One fine evening while watching Notting Hill (switching over from Justice League) with GUY, I retrospected our journey in a jiffy and realized why should we thank the EX. Though I theoretically championed the LOVE chapters (courtesy Mills &Boon) when we started off, he mastered the practical classes too! I gladly discovered that he knew the difference between eyeliner and mascara very well. Talk about ‘IT’, the man played it better than me (you know what I mean, don’t you?). But who made him a master? Not Cupid but most certainly- The EX women series!

On a serious note, the quotes of ‘The Secret’ also reveal how a person enters and exits our life for a reason. Be it any form of LOVE we experienced in past, we can at least try to amicably (readers discretion respected!) thank and let go the regrets to help restore peace within. We can thank them for:

  1. For the first ever adrenaline rush: Can you ever forget your first crush or love? Your ‘thing’ ended for good or bad, but that moment can be cherished for it didn’t come with a warning of future, right? Thank you EX for that sweet memory!
  2. For the lessons learned: You might have emerged as a survivor, hero or a villain from that relationship but past is the best teacher we can ever ask for. Thank you EX for that experience!
  3. For the quest for stability: End of something brings in the beginning of better things, I believe. You may be single again or Nth time lucky to find LOVE, but the desire of leading a stable life is constant. Thank you EX for that aim!
  4. For the improved version of oneself: Ahh! Thank god for that or else I would still be dealing with an 80s born and a 5 something! I pity that most of the Exes get the raw file and not the final draft! Thank you EX for the update!
  5. And finally, for GUY: For having a lovely wife like me (self-obsession crossing limits)! Thank your EX soon or let’s do it together and make this World a better place to live (apart from Global warming, politics, terrorism, Polar Vortex….etc. etc.)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread LOVE! Thank your EX and create memories with your present!

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