An Ode to Adolescence!

The song ‘Que Sera Sera’ had a great impact on my growing years. Sitting by my window, glancing at the moon, I would wonder about my future! And many a times I would doze off humming ‘Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see…Que Sera Sera’!

One fine day, going down the memory lane (on one of those cleaning expeditions) I found some lines scattered across a piece of paper from the long-lost years of my adolescence. Upon reading those lines, I had an epiphany. Not only was I a troubled teenager, I still carry the essence of it!

It all started at midnight, the day I was born,

12 was the time to be sworn…

As I began my journey on earth,

Troubles started creeping in with no dearth…

When my peers adorned wounded knees,

I was counting the stars with ease…

When mathematics was a ghost for many,

I took the numerals to play symphony…

The stars and the symphony paid me hard,

As scored grade ‘B’ in the report card…

Stepping into adolescence wasn’t easy,

Pimples and painful periods kept me busy…

When girls wooed the opposite gender,

I was fixing my study reminder.

this time I scored well,

But the essence of adolescence went to hell!

College began with a kick-start,

Everyone thought they are the Rockstar.

When Zara and mascara were the hot topics,

Sitting alone, I was planning to write an epic.

When ‘the boyfriend’ was someone to flaunt,

To me, accounts and balance sheets continued to haunt.

Luckily, Mills & Boon ushered me with open arms,

And, I too danced with my prince in the farms…

Life is rough and I am also tough,

There will be a day soon, 

When the world will see,


Not at par with the millennial version but a candid side of an ordinary teenager! My first thoughts were to put this piece in a bin, but that would have been a sin (too much of rhyming with life!)! So, I decided to add up a bit of my 20s and now running 30s with a gleam of hope!

Touching twenties, life went for a ride,

Aim and duty took up the stride.

How I met my prince is still a mystery,

I got married and rest is history!

Welcoming thirties wasn’t that easy,

Being a wife, mother and then a woman felt queasy!

As a new chapter is awaiting the NEW BEE, 

Breaking the labels,

She strives back to become the QUEEN BEE!

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  1. Anirban Mukherjee says:

    Garland of memories.

  2. Your teenage poem is very relatable 🙂

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