Did I Make a Wish?

Braving the clouds of struggle, cheering the winds of misfortune, like a wave of life in a city of sorrow, there I see… a rainbow of Hope!

Rainbows fascinated her the most. As a child, rainbow sighting was all about her happiness and joy. She believed that rainbows are a sign that God will grant her wishes soon. Fixing her big list, on one hand, a paper boat on the other, wearing those rain boots, she danced all the way to spend her most cherished evening with the rainbow.

Those years of ‘growing up’ weren’t as easy as she thought. Gradually, science took over the phenomenon of rainbows. Knowledge overpowered emotions. Reasoning dominated belief. And, there she stood deciphering life in the light of logic!

What happened today?

Sighting that glimpse again, rushing towards her balcony with her 6-year-old, she felt that lost thrill and excitement. Memories of those naïve days knocked her doors, once again. Aah! how she wished she could travel back in time. Seeking a break from her ‘perfecting-it-to-be-perfect’ life, how wonderful it would be to be ‘her’ again with her little self!

“Make a wish”, she exclaimed!

Surprisingly, she could see her almost 7-year-old looking at her with a blank face.

“You’re going to miss it. Make a wish before it disappears”, now she tried to convince her.

“Mom, rainbows appear when sunlight passes through the raindrops that act as a prism. That’s how you see seven colors. How can they grant wishes?”

And, just like that, in those fraction of seconds she could see ‘her’ part of the rainbow turning into a fiction!

“Mom, let’s go inside. Mommy, why have you closed your eyes? Are you…?

Did I make a wish?

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