Harboring an economy of Deeds: A quarantined thought!

Sitting in self-isolation, looking at the faded sky and the abandoned streets, the quarantined mind wanders, whether we deserve this or even worse? Lives lost, lives suffering and lives in threat and what not. Though we are locked up in our gigs, the concept of ‘Social Distancing’ has revived the forgotten religion called ‘ Humanity above all’, motivating us to fight with ‘Unity’.

Sleeping over these noble thoughts, I had a strange dream last night. Initially, I was quite hesitant to jot it down, but having done that, I feel, it can be food for thought!

The dream was about changing the economic sphere of our world.

P.S. Before you mince this write up with logical and analytical point-of-view , I would write a disclaimer which says – its just a quarantined dream!

So, let’s begin by challenging your imagination power!

What if our economy stops running on money? (By now, if you think it won’t be worth a read, please feel free to move around (in your house only) and maintain social distancing!). Till today, the divide, the war, the rage even our survival, was all about and for money. Now, after cleansing our souls through Social Distancing and learning the value of human lives, what if, we get an opportunity to start afresh?

Replacement for money? 

Deeds. Yes, you read it right. A point-based economy of deeds. You earn points based on your deeds and deposit those points into your bank accounts. From buying holidays or ordering pizza, getting hired or even negotiating your salary package, paying bills, rent or buying that SUV, filing taxes or relishing the returns or even paying off the EMI’s, you do everything using points earned from your deeds. To be precise, you earn deed points and you spend deed points. 

How to earn deed points?

All thanks to the ‘marathon for money’, don’t you think, we have lost the count on our deeds? To the best of my sanity, I tried jotting down these points. I would be glad, if you all can add up one point each too. 

  1. Helping and loving thy neighbors (an open-ended category, solely depending on your humanity quotient)
  2. Saving the environment (planting trees, banning plastic and so on…)
  3. Abolishing bias (again, an open-ended category, solely depending on your mentality)
  4. Replacing vitamin supplements with small doses of honesty, love, and empathy
  5. Setting up research centers to fight Taboos (still prevalent in our society…)
  6. (Still figuring out more points)

How you lose points?

If you can earn and add up deed points, you certainly can lose points too. From not obeying traffic rules, taking ‘social distancing’ for granted, breaking the laws, not being honest in disclosing your deeds to the revenue and tax agencies, not raising your voice again injustice, being a hypocrite, holding grudges against your acquaintances, family and friends and so on… In short, if you are caught spreading ill will and negativity, you lose or earn negative points. 

Benefit for the Society?

Unfortunately, our society suffers from a divide of ‘More fortunate’ and ‘Less fortunate’ sections of people. You can earn more and be rich by serving more to the society and you go poorer by un-following that. This system will promote the dream of – a society of equals! 

The quarantined dawn, might have soaked my dream into reality but the unsaid message of – be good and do good, is something we can still follow. Isn’t it?

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