Surviving Sciatica, the Shakira way!

Like life, Sciatica happens too. And, when Sciatica happens, the happening life stops!

While being high on life and grooving on Shakira’s, ‘Hips don’t lie’, it took one sexy move to turn my whole world upside down. All I could gather from that wonderful evening was shooting pain and a slo-mo version of Shakira singing, ‘Hips don’t lie, they now cry!

Life suddenly felt like a piece of baggage. To wake up with pain was in itself a pain! Hey, don’t get me wrong FROM HERE. This piece is not a struggle story or any medicinal advisory to be followed, it’s just a page full of hearty words that are beaming up just to say, FROM HERE, ‘She’ took the challenge to change!

First things first, meeting my super fit doctor. Every time I visit her, she looks younger than before. As if, that was not enough to inject a dose of ‘complex’ in me, this time she literally put me under the knife with her questions!

Any sort of strenuous physical activity?“. As they say, don’t lie to your doctor, so I had to tell her about my date with Shakira!

“You have two options from here“. I was expecting some serious surgical procedure to be advised or even worse.

Either you be on medications all your life or you try to change your lifestyle“. Is that a warning or an option! As if changing my resume ‘n’ times for my job search wasn’t enough, she wants to change “ME”!

Hit the health button, shed those extra calories, go for physio and report back after one month. Take up the challenge without excuses. It’s never too late to take care of yourself “. As I was prepping up with my reasons for being a mom, covered under work and stress and blah, blah.., she left, shunning my mind with her practical solution.

The ball is in my court now. Either I could sit and sulk or …. suddenly, I could hear Katy Perry humming, “Baby you’re a firework, Come on let your colors burst”.

The game is on baby!

Going for Physio: The therapist, well, she is great but the therapy was so cosmically-orgasmic that the moaning sounds coming out of my rusted read Sciatic soul, embarrassed me to the core. The irony was, I couldn’t help! With more therapies, I am definitely getting better (Moaning, Hah.. I think, now I can fake it too!)

GYM: Not only a word but a forbidden territory! I won’t be ashamed to accept that I didn’t even know the names of those war zones aka types of gym equipment. Google came to my rescue. I made my notes on what to use and how to use it. That morning even the ever conspiring universe paused for a while when I entered the GYM. And the rest is HISTORY!

Weight Loss: “But, do I even need that?”, “But I always, somehow with my tummy tucker fit into my Zara dress!”, “But that day, my Guy played – I’m in love with the shape of you”…Keeping these ‘But’s’ aside and with great courage, I embarked on the ‘Butt’ journey. I have welcomed some lifestyle changing recipes, eating patterns, ended ‘stress eating’ and with all this, started greeting the food before eating.

It’s never too late to love your self and I can say this now after losing some pounds and gaining more confidence! About my pain, yes, it is getting better gradually. The day is not too far, when ‘Hips don’t lie’ hits my playlist again!

P.S. All positive and healthy suggestions are welcomed from all ‘Life Enthusiasts ONLY’.

P.S. Happy Women’s Day, my gorgeous gals! Love yourself! Keep dazzling always!

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